Hi Everyone
my new sculpt made in blender and zbrush. Render in cycles. I hope You like it.

Great sculpt! Good connection with hard surface and organic forms.
Am not sure if this is on purpose, but I think the ribs might be too straight. They need a slight curve.

Agreed about the ribs, but nontheless, awesome result, love it!

I really like the face, the facial expression and the eyes.

I lie it. I’d do maybe a bit more of the mechanical aspect, but it’s your piece your call.

Dzieki wielkie Unfa :wink:
You are absolutelly right, i should do more mechanical elements.
thanks Bro
yes yes You are right, I go overboard with ribs.

like a photo of an clay model.

the ribs cold be a bit thinner (in my opinion) and if there is skin on top of them, maybe a bit smoother.

But what can i say. the Face is georgious.

It give me the creeps! :eek: