need a hand with my scene

hi all,
ive been creating the first scene for my animation short i have planned out, which will begin of an camera shot of a house.
now the scene is around 60% complete, i still need to sort out textures for the fence, wooden frames and scenery, but the main issue is the lighting,

is it just me or is the lighting still not right, im trying to go for a pixar/.big buck bunny kinda style, so my first guess would have to be that the lighting is the answer, am i right?

any ideas on how i could edit the scene to get more of a look that would match quality (or near to, i realise that this is blender and not some thousand dollar software :yes:) disney pixars UP.

look forward to any help, i will also attach the blend file incase anyone wants to help:evilgrin:

I had problems uploading the file, so i have uploaded it elsewhere and placed it in a zip file:


first of all i like the look of your scene :wink: I looked through some pixar stills again to recall the movies to my memory. First of all, your scene looks kinda dark, i think your dark sky background may be partly responsible for this. The question now is what does pixar have what you don’t have ? The first one is clearly visual complexity. If a scene is just complex enough, our eye will take it for more real than a not-so-complex scene. Grass or asphalt is no green or grey plane in pixar movies. Adding visual complexity enhances almost any image.
The second thing is the sky background. It is really dark, and pixar uses a somewhat more realistic sky in most movies. Pixar also uses extensively bloom and hdr-effects i think, but i have no idea how to mimick those with Blender.
I think if you experiment with adding more complexity and looking at an animation of your scene, it will come much more to life :wink:
Good luck with this

thanks =], as i said i still need a bit of work doing such as the road n grass, but will keep posting my work up =] ill try a few backgrounds and see if that changes anything. but yes i get what you mean as we will take it for more real the more complex the scene, Thankyou!

my main downfall is lighting however, im really just guessing what to use lol

I had a look at your .blend a few minutes ago, and i think you should maybe give global illumination a try. It increases render times severely, but the results are outstanding sometimes. You find an overview of this technique here : (you have to scroll down very far until you reach “Global Illumination”)

Give it a try, maybe it results in even better lighting :wink:

thanks =] ill give it a try n post up a picture as soon as i can, ive heard about global illumination before but never applied it to any of my work, thanks again =]

May I suggest you get the book “Digital Lighting and Rendering” by Jeremy Birn. It is a easy-to-understand goldmine of information on lighting, texturing, and compositing for 3D imagery. My copy is falling apart from massive use! Birn does lighting at Pixar, including shots in UP.