Need a hand?

Well, I’m working on my first human. (Scary, I’m telling you.) She’s turning out pretty well, and I think I just have the feet to work on now, but… Well… The hands came out pretty darn awesome, if I do say so myself. :wink:

This is my first hand ever, so don’t pick on me too badly! But I AM looking for areas to “plus it”. By the way, these are supposed to be about 11-12 year old (girl) hands. :slight_smile:


P.S. I won’t release my whole model for visibility until I have permission from the subject. When/if that happens, y’all can pick on the parts based on the photos I got. :wink:

Looks good…

thinigs id say to have a look at…

adjust the shader on the nails (also they look a bit blue)

SSS (hard to tell if its on or not… if it is… concider ajusting it)

maby a fingerprint bump map…

other than taht




SSS is on. Does it not look soft enough? (In other words, which way should I go?)

The Nails shader was a quick throw in. I was curious what y’all would say to it. Too blue = more pink on it’s way. :wink:

A fingerprint bump map would be awesome… I’ll have to think about that.

By the way, this is the result of following this tutorial. I made it most the way through, and got lost on the palm work, so I started hitting things on my own. Hence, the thumb and palm aren’t exactly how the tutorial calls for them to be done. Those are the weakest parts, I believe.

i think maby a bit softer… and defo a bit lighter… if you look at your hand… take that sort of tone (hopefully your not as white as me… ((i am Mr Nerd!)))

Me=Geek. So… My complexion = Basement geek. :wink:

Ok, I’ll soften and lighten. :slight_smile: Thanks!

what did you mean by get permssion from your subject and pick out the pics

I mean, I used reference photos of a friend for the many body (mostly the head). If she doesn’t want her face, used in the shape of my model, shown online, I won’t. (The hand was made by the tutorial and my own hand, so I feel find sharing it.)

Make sense?

Well, tweaked the SSS and nails. Nails went WAY the wrong way, but I think the skin looks better. :slight_smile:

Yea thats better…

good, but you forgot the extra skin here
still pretty good though

How nerdy is that… didnt even take your hand off the mouse…

dont worry… im nerdy too…


hmmmmmm id like to see you make a very realistic goblin or monster hand let me download it and take a look to

you just want a free hand for your zelda game!

yah lol but honestly show me what you can do

wire-frames, please! :wink:

if you can equip me with a concept( PM it) of the type of a hand you want i can give it a try and model you a lowpoly one. :wink:

ok ill look for one



I think I just realized… I have an appointment… In Turkey… BYE! :wink:

Ok, ok… Well, let me warn you. The tutorial kept to pure quads, and when I got lost, well… I was on my own. I’m still new to quad modeling, so I slipped in a few triangles.


dont worry the tris are fixable, and in time youll just be able to fix em on your own, if you back that file up/dont delete it you can allways come back to it! :slight_smile:

edit: ok, this image may help you a little, make a cut(in edge mode subdivide[W-key] 3 of the midle edges) so you get the blue edge:

Nice! That’ll allow me to pull it out a bit, too! Thanks!

Now show me how to remove the tris around the underside of the thumb. :wink:

Hmmmm I like it. however, the edges and tips seem to be a bit square to me… pull them out a bit maybe?