Need a little help with cloth and luminous material


I’m new to Blender. This is my first post, so if I’m posting in wrong area please forgive and redirect.

I’ll also say in advance that I’m new to 3d programs like this. Prior to blender my experience has been with AutoCAD… Can’t express how much I enjoy Blender!

I’m trying to create a material on these pieces that will appear like cloth. Something with a course weave similar to a thick cheesecloth.

I need these to be luminous and take on the color of the light within the set piece. I’d also like the light emitted from these to have a small effect on the surrounding objects.

Any suggestions or critiques would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve attached a blend file with a couple of the set pieces, the stage, and the lighting.

Thank you


Chisel Set v10b reduced.blend (565 KB)

Kind of confusing. Are those vertical panels supposed to be the cloth?

ah, designing lighting huh?

Thank you for the clarifying question.

These pieces consist of a single scenic flat mounted to a stick of truss and then wrapped in cloth (spandex or leno). A lighting fixture is mounted at the base inside the truss. When lit the cloth takes on the color of the light and the truss can be seen to some degree thru the cloth.

I’m having difficulty making the cloth material look like cloth. And I’m also stumped as to how to make the fabric absorb and transmit the color and intensity of the light within.


Maybe if you use SSS and radiosity.


  1. turn off all things ray tracing.
  2. turn on z transparency and sub-surf-scattering for the cloth.
  3. set oyan-nair shading and increase the roughness
  4. in edit mode, calculate normals outside, then flip them wrong side out. this shows the girder shadow on the cloth.
  5. duplicate the cloth and scale it 0.990. this keeps the faces off of each other to eliminate render artifacts.
  6. flip the normals outside. this cloth will reflect the light from outside.
  7. change lamps to spot, buffer shadow, power wide open, 1/2 distance to 60.

some stuff is on layer 20 now and a camera moved.

in the image the chisel on the right is done with this method.


Chisel Set v10b reduced.blend (583 KB)

Wow! Thank you all for the help.

SmokinJuan you really helped me out. I don’t know if I would have found that combination of setting on my own. It worked great!

I played with various options along your formula and ended up with this. This has turned out much better than what I originally thought I could do.

Thank you for the help!


Chisel Set v15c.blend (537 KB)