Need a little help

so im trying to make a shape like this

where the cylinder connects to the shaft.

and im fooling around with extruding it and going with To sphere, but thats not yielding any results, and i cant really find a tutorial that goes about this.

So how should i tackle this issue?(which is probably a very simple one)

Hello! I had fun trying to create such a strange shape, and think that I got a pretty good result:

I started by making a cylinder with uncapped ends, and then extruding outward to create a tire shape. Then I extruded some of the side faces out making a rectangular shape. I then added loop-cuts to add more geometry in order to make the circular shape on the extrusion. To make it circular, I used the To Sphere option, ONE LOOP CUT AT A TIME. The farthest loop cut is a complete circle, so it had a value of 1. The next was .75 then .5 then .25 in order to create a gradient of circles. I then added a subsurf modifier, and set it to smooth shading and it was complete. Here is a picture to help you understand it:

I also added some additional loop cuts just to help with the subsurf modifier.

Thanks IJ, very usefull!