Need a mathematician

hi everyone i have a small question about math problems in blender game engine , so … is it possible to tell blender to pick a random number between two values BUT every time it picks one it make sure that it’s not the same last one ? let’s say you have a minimum of 0 and a maximum of 10 you pick a number between these two values every second , and you choosed 3 for example after that you choose another number that should be not the current valeu which is 3 ! i am using ALWAYS sensor conected to a RANDOM actuator for now , could this be done with python ?? , i hope my talk reached your kind brain correctly :slight_smile:

you can use shuffle from random python module.

The steps are:

  • create a list.
  • shuffle the list.
  • select and remove the last item in the list (and print it)

shuffle.blend (456.1 KB)

(blender 2.79)


sorry , but can you explain more how this works ? because i don’t know python :confused: