Need a Model of Sonic Help

I need some one to model sonic from the fan-film by Blue Core Studios with the quills shiny also make the quills stick out like they did and to be fully rigged and textured please. Thank you

Ok with a little bit of looking on the internet I was able to find a good model of sonic for the job, but he needs fur that sticks out, but it needs to be thick on top like Bluecore Studios did does anyone know how to do this the model i found is here this is the exact model they used except it isn’t rigged so I need some one to add the finishing details and rig it for me this would help a lot. Thank you also found out someone has already been doing this on blender EnderAndroid he even posted it, but from what it looks like he didn’t post the model file.

On blendswap you can find multiple Sonic models. :slight_smile:

That isn’t what I’m looking for I need it to have the quills on it which none of them have check out the movie you’ll see what I mean.

Could someone at least tell me how to add the quails like they did


I believe the word you are trying to use is quills

these are quails:


Sorry my bad yes I meant quills auto correct got me again, but I wish you had a answer for me

Honestly, my answer is model up some quills on an existing model of sonic. Learning to model will get you far in your CG career. Empower yourself to solve your own problems.

Ok look the reason I ask is i don’t know how to do it that is what this is for I don’t know where to begin