need a Q&A forum, also...

(stephen2002) #1

There needs to be a Q&A forum if you plan to completely transfer the Blender community over to this board.

Also, do you think that it may be possible to get ahold of the all of the data from the old Blender board? That was a large resource in itself. Along with all of the articles, etc. that where written and on NAN servers.

(nemesis) #2

yes, I agree. that is one of the most important boards for blender.

(sten) #3

well…wonders if that is possible, but we do have the Knowledgebase that (I think Bart made ??) is not NaN dependant, an dthat is good !!

I agree we need a Q&A forum in here and as I had done before willing to help newbies in Blender…now and then…not as regular but …now and then :slight_smile: