Need a quick and simple model whipped up for a stand I need to make a magnet hover plate

I’m not good at blender and I just want someone somewhat decent with it to whip up a magnet stand for me. I already have a rough sketch of the plans, and I’m willing to pay up to 5$ for it because it’s a pretty simple job. Hit me up for more details.

i am not sure if this is exactly what your looking for or not !!!
i couldint understand the design

such design means its cylindrical bro not a bar there in the middle its industrial drawing. he missed the axe to show the cylindrical shape

i still cant understand !

something like that i did it quick :

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That’s pretty close, but I want the things on the side to be flat, the top to be removable and the base to be wider. Other than that, that’s really good

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