Need a special kind of resize (not normal scale)

I need to resize my objects, but not just by hitting ‘s’
I have a cylinder with a hole going through it. It’s like a pipe.
When i resize then i want the cylinder to become bigger on outside and smaller on inside.

This type of resizing I need for more complex objects, is there any in blender?
Or is there maybe external scripts for that?

alt-s scale along normals

Just scale manually. You don`t need any kind of script lol.
Scale the interior downwards and the exterior the other way.
And you are done.


Press ALT+S but this may not work if the object is too complex.

If you have the same object but multiple times and you don`t want to do this to all of the objects make links between them (CTR+L)

Thanks :slight_smile:
Alt-s was what i looked for.