Need a Walk-Through Template

Hey there! How are you doing today? Having fun with Blender? Good!!! Maybe you can take a few moments to help me?

I’ve been developing some FPS-type game scenes, and I want to be able to walk through them with just the camera. I’m specifically interested in using the mouse to rotate the camera for looking around in any direction, while keyboard keys are used to move forward or back (toward the camera view or away from it). This means that I should be able to reach any location in the scene. Not moving through objects would be nice too, but not absolutely necessary.

I saw a tutorial once that showed exactly how to do this, but I lost the link.

It’s the mouse movements that I don’t understand. I can only make the camera turn in one direction.

does this help?

Yup! Actually, about 10 seconds after I posted that i found the answer. I was trying to use a Motion actuator with the Mouse sensor, instead of a Mouse Actuator.

I didn’t use two separate sensors like you did, though. If I have problems with it I’ll be sure to look at your set-up.


EDIT: Okay, I have a problem with my set-up, so I’ll try yours. The camera won’t move on the global z axis for me.

your welcome! i have two so i can have one on the cube (which the camera is parented to) and when you look right or left it will turn the whole player, that way when you walk forward you will walk any way you look. here is a blend if that made no sense, and i added movement to the player.

JO5HU4.blend, your set-up works just the same as if you had only used one actuator. Unfortunately, it doesn’t allow for moving on the global z axis either.

You posted right when I was writing that last one…

no problem:)

I create the scene with the actual FPS char in it, so so I can check collisions, make sure I don’t fall through the mesh, make sure stair steps are the right height, The right friction is on ramps, make sure I can jump over jumpable object, make sure door heights /width is OK, ceiling heights are high enough so I can’t put the FPS char head through the roof, etc.
Sometimes I will libload the scene into my FPS blend.

Those are some good ideas, @theolguy. What I think I want though is just the ability to choose between a game play mode and a ‘walk-through’ mode where I can move around with a camera but no need for interaction. I guess what i need is an option at game start to select one or the other modes.

Too bad there wasn’t a way to use the Walk or fly navigation option after pressing “P”
View > Navigation > Fly navigation or Walk Navigation.

Anyhooo, good luck with your game. :slight_smile: