Need advice for freelancing

A couple of months ago I have tried to get into freelancing and and I finally registered some of the freelancing sites. A client ask me to model a sunglasses and a watch similar to following images. How much should I charge for each model? Thanks

Why do you start offering a service of which you know nothing about?

Do it & take notes to:

  • calculate all the costs
  • how much do you value yourself
  • how much your local market values these services

= your answer

Time it will take you * hourly rate you expect to receive

… plus any overhead e.g.

  • software licensing
  • some portion of your average electric bill and internet service
  • purchased materials/textures
  • eventual hardware replacement/upgrades

…and don’t forget to roll tax into it.

as for these two specific models. I would look on turbosquid and sites like that for objects that are visually near to these already. Take note of how much these template / reference models cost because if your bid is successful (client says yes to your figure) then you’ll be buying these models so that you have a headstart.

Don’t fall into the trap new freelancers can fall into, where they are so eager to make a good impression and provide flawless work, that they create everything from scratch.

Also, if I was bidding for this job, I’d ask what reference pictures and blueprints / technical drawings are available.
If they don’t have their reference locked down tight, I’d politely decline, unless they have money to burn and are happy letting you do your own take on a pair of sunglasses and a watch.

Thanks for the reply guys. I charged $30 (20% charge for the fiverr so $24 for me) for the sunglasses and $70 for the watch. Is it reasonable or cheap or expensive? Client is from australia. He said his budget is $75 for the watch.
By the way, it took 1 hour to model and render sunglasses and 5-6 hours to the wrist watch. I have used substance painter only for the wrist watch.