Need advice on this model

So im trying to make this. Its called Luchi. Its a great indian food.

thing is, while i can get the shape of that perfect, if you look closely there’s some spots where the oil burned it more and there are some high spots with more roughness than the other spots.

how do i get those effects done? Not just bump, but active mesh displacements. because each luchi will have its own pattern.

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Just some randomly nodes :wink:

Of course there is more to try…


Also, to continue Okidoki’s setup, you can copy the voronoi, set to smooth F1, and use colour output into a color ramp. Play with the colour shades (that light upper cells you can set a darker shade, where the oil burnt the stuff) :wink:
If you like, I can later try to “cook it up” for you :smile:

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Hi @BaidDSB,

I admit I just fooled around in haste. :smiley:
I skipped the roughness, but tried to tweak the setup. I know it’s far from the reference, but the idea works. Big voronoi for the big “bubbles”, then you can use bumps for the small ones.
Where the bubbles got poked out during fry, there you can actually invert the bump, to create small craters. You can mask it out, only to appear on the larger hills. I skipped that part, but it’s worth a try.

Also, you can use subsurf scattering, very important, to get that glassy fried look!

I cannot upload the blend, my startup file needs a thorough cleanup, but here is the setup :smiley:

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its also shiny [deep fried in oil] and somewhat see through up close.

should i try increased specular and some transmission?

I think the subsurf might do it actually, and play with the roughness (maybe even sharper and crunchier lines in the texture?)
After that, well, you may try transmission, but not sure it would do any good.
If something comes to my mind, I will let you know :blush:

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