Need advice with baking thatched roof

Hello everyone.
I am working on a project where I have to create photo realistic assets, and now I struggle with thatched roof (we are creating 17th century town).
I tried different approaches, but the best results came from particle system


As you can see, It looks pretty nice. But now I need to convert that to one object somehow and try not to loose too much of its look.
I mean in the end I have to give my asset away as an fbx file and set of textures.
So I am here for your wisdom - how can I do that?

How about baking the Normals and Displacement maps and then use them on a partially sculpted box. as a retopo…?

How can I bake those maps for particle system? I can’t find a way, will be very grateful for instruction…

And another thing - I can’t figure how to make a low poly roof for baking. I mean straws heavily modify emitter’s shape, so I can’t use it anymore. And shrinkwrap can’t wrap it around straws, even after I convert it to mesh. The result is pretty ugly : /

there is an old way from 2.7 days…

  1. Convert the particle into edge loops (click “convert” button in the modifier stack)
  2. Convert the edge loops into bezier curves
  3. Make them solid and shape them up using bevel and taper objects ( add a Bezier Circle scaled down to straw size as taper object )
  4. Finally, convert them back into a mesh object
    Then you can go about Baking to a Low-Poly Rectangle in the traditional way…
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Thank you, I figured out those steps you mentioned already, but to bake low poly, I have to have that low poly object, and its shape should be as close to the high poly one as possible. Maybe you can share some thoughts how to make mentioned low poly? You see, straws strongly modify emitters shape, so I can’t use the emitter for this purpose. I tried to make bigger shape and use shrinkwrap modifier, but it produce quite ugly result no matter how many polys I use…

I was thinking more along the lines of a single rectangular cube…with a small amount of sculpting to get a little added geometry, then Bake the Normal and Height to that as a low poly mesh…it could be several slightly different shapes…and then be layered onto the top of the building.
With the diffuse texture, normal, specular and a height map, on the modeled rectangle… it should look very close to the original particle roof.

For the plain roof it could do the trick, but I also need to make a roof with rounded corners. I tried to make it with planes and thatch straw texture with alpha channel, but it doesn’t look convincing : (

So I am still searching for the way to make photorealistic thatched roof, which can be exported as an fbx file…