Need advise on animation approach

The idea is to have particle objs to fly (as in metal attracted to a magnet, just not as hard) to invisible letters. So in the end we can see the word made up of all these particles.
So my question to you is, how would you go about it?

Thanks in advance guys :slight_smile:


Can’t remember the links to em, but I recall coming across some shattering glass logo tutorials that may get you started… in a nutshell, they used the explosion modifier to scatter the logo in smaller bits… compiled the animation, replayed it in reverse to get the effect of the debri, or glass shards, coming together to make the logo.

The harmonic effector will do that.

My video tutorial here:

Mmm, of course! That could work. Thanks a bunch for your suggestion DPKW :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your tutorial Atom, I’ll check it out.


Atom, I’ve been studying your tutorial. It’s definitely what I want to do!
I am trying to reproduce it in Blender 2.5 though. So far so good, except that my particles are falling, as oppose to going to the word :frowning:
From what I see in your video, the problem might be that when setting up the harmonic thingy I didn’t choose “Particle System”. This is simply because I don’t see where that can be done, as 2.5 changed considerably.

Would you mind enlighten me?

Thanks in advance,


I remember some time ago I managed to follow Atom’s tutorial up to some point, but yes, things are different in 2.5… I ended up doing it without the harmonic at all, just adding particle systems to a keyed one list. So I’m curious on this too!

On a side note reversing a baked animation in video sequencer is also an option.
And here it is a simple test I just did with a keyed PS.


test.blend (165 KB)

Thanks for the heads up on the broken file. I did not realize the 2.49 file does not work in 2.5.

But the fix is really simple. Open up the 2.49 file in Blender 2.5.
Select the word “cherry” then activate the Particle Context tab.
Scroll down to Force Field Settings and click “Location” and “Rotation” check box.

Repeat for the other text element as well.

Everything works in 2.5 now!

This is odd, but I didn’t get an email notifying me of these replies :frowning:
So glad I thought of checking now :wink:
Thanks a lot for the additional info liero & Atom :slight_smile:
I’ll give a try to this new revision then.


Ok, finally had some time to try this. I decided to start with Atom’s suggestion with the Harmonic effector.

I got it working. But the one thing that’s not working is that my second word is not rendering. The image above is only a screenshot to show what should be rendering. I wonder if it has anything to do with the dependencies on each other words. In the console it says: “Little depends on Nelly.002 through Field Collision. Nelly.002 depends on Little through Particle Field.”

Keep in mind that my animation is simpler. As there’s no second step perse. The particles go from the emitters to the words at once and that’s it.
Should you want to inspect my blend file

I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before, but I just simply remade the words, this time making them to be as one, and now I only need 2 particle systems as opposed to 2 :wink:

Btw Atom, would you mind reproducing that background you used in 2.49, in 2.5? I seemed to have it, except it doesn’t render. It renders a solid black image :frowning:


I thought I would post a quick update…

Link to video:

My next step is to find out how to set up another Particle Sys to make the flowers disappear/go away. I need to do this because this video will loop.
If anyone would care to explain how to set this up I would appreciate it immensely :slight_smile:


Here’s the shattered glass tutorial. A must see:

Jeremy Deighan