Need advise on merging overlapping planes
The one on the left shows what I have now, and the one on the right is what I need.

I thought maybe I could use the Union in the Boolean modifier for this. Correct me if I’m wrong but, I believe I’d have to “Separate” every single plane first.
If I only had this cluster of planes to do this, it wouldn’t be so bad. But unfortunately I still have many dozens of them :frowning: Understandably I’m trying to find the shortest path to where I need to go.

I’ll appreciate any ideas ease this process.

Thanks guys,


a quick test on this:

Edit Mode > select all
UKEY > project from view
UV Editor > export uv layout as SVG
inside Inkscape > Ctrl + PLUSKEY
save SVG > import back into Blender

so, just do it on a 2d software… :slight_smile:

I mustn’t have explained myself…
I need that shape to be made of ONE topology. At the moment it is not. Instead, it is made of many planes that can be independently selected when in Edit Mode/Faces.
The reason I need this, is so that I can Unwrap it and map an image on it.

Thanks for the suggestion anyway Liero :slight_smile:
It’s been a while since I used InkScape, I love that program.


but you can do so in inkscape, ctrl + pluskey will join all planes… see this file… you can them easily match dimensions… or maybe I don’t get it…?

You got it Liero!
This is it.
Another reason to do it your way is that the Boolean modifier doesn’t seem to work on planes :frowning:

Thanks a bunch Liero :slight_smile:


you are welcome, and my bad I was not clear enough before… this english speaking thingy, I don’t like it at all… anyway maybe you could join every plane in scene and export them in one go, then convert curve to mesh and P to separate