need animators and modelers.

I’m so sorry this might be against the rules but i have no where else to go. i need some modelers and animators that can model humans, and other creature objects. i also need animators that can animate me run cycles body movements, such as, waving jumping sitting and etc. please e-mail me at [email protected] for more details AGAIN IM SORRY TO THIS POST please e-mail me some renders or simple animations that you have done.

Care to elaborate a bit on the project?

sure. well its two new games in the making right now. one a Construction game like Tribes 2 Construction Mod and the other is a mmorpg in medieval/fantasy era and its to hard for just 2 modelers t o be working on it.

2 modelers for an mmorpg? :o r u crrrrrrraaaaaaaaazy?


Whats in it for us? :-?

what do you think? money, liensence for torque game engine to make your own game and a 100% chance of us asking you to help us again we have some other game on the line.

I’d blend for money any day, but what kind of quality are you looking for?