Need artist to create 126 to 254 Sexy Monster girls at least $460/year of work

Hello everyone.

I’ve managed to get a the budget for my Game up to $960 a year so am looking for ways to spend it.

Like I said it’s a Relationships and Sexuality Education game(Adult Edutainment :D).

We could guarantee(for all long as we’re of making at least $240 but I have $1200 a year expendable income from my day job witch is were the $960 for the project is coming from) at least $240 a year starting in 2022. We plan on spending at least $480 on the new designs.

The game going to be a Pokemon style monster collection but they’re Sexy Monster Girls(I call then PokeWoMon internally but we’ll probably go with just WoMon in the actual release) and you need to create and maintain a intimate relationship with them instead of just beaning them on the head with a pokeball and earning some gym badges.

I can only give specifics for 2-3 of the PokeWoMon. We need someone to be the creative force designs the look of the Sexy PokeWoMon. You’ll have almost complete freedom over the designs thou the final sketch will need to follow our obscenity standard(basically USA’s TV-M but with full nudity allowed) and you’ll need approval for the extra pay for addition forms over the first alterative.

For the designs themselves I would like something as different from human as this but we need 256 for it might be hard to come up with that many verities. They need some anatomical feature that sets them apart from humans and the other species and is visible in their SFW form. Here’s a example of something that could be a defining anatomy feature these fancy neck plates or scales.

And alternate forms need to have the same unique anatomical features that define the breed.

The refernce model doesn’t need to be optomized. just uncto to be loaded ans the veiwport responce on my computer(AMD Ryzen 5 4600H 8GB and a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 4GB)
a sculpt with just a matcap will do it doen’t need to be textured much, just a rough guide to the eventual texture artist. you can even take render and color it in a paint program.

I don’t need a 3d model you can just do a traditional 2d sketch.

minimum style and quality for final concept sketch, quality for the (The background ignore the colored bird)

Ideal Final sketch.

A traditional cell shaded anime image of the PokeWoMon would also be acceptable.

Here’s the various pitches for the game we’ve made for our Crowdfunding campaign and are entry into Mozilla Fix-The-Internet spring lab.

It’s still mostly a hobby(it eat all my free time as well as my money) thou I’m planning of forming an Non profit for the Greater Alfredo Metatopia project; which is AGPL P2P MMO like Roblox games meets SL Avatars.

I have referring for what we consider SFW and NSFW and to Obscene to include in the game. PM me for a link to the Google Drive folder.

Thanks for your time,

Hsingai “Alta” Altaica

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