Need Artwork For Blender Promotion

Hello there.

I have an idea to promote blender. I think its pretty cool but feel free to cut me down.

Ok, the idea of it is that artists create rooms.
The rooms have 2 or more doors. (1 for looking into and 1 for exiting).
door dimensions HAVE TO BE 1unit by 2 units! Just to keep things relatively flowing.
The rooms can have anything in them anything at all. Thats for YOU to come up with.
And remember this is to promote blender! So be imaginative!

Doors are 1unit by 2 units.
view has to be from the door.
At least 1 other door has to be visible! So you can go to the next room.
Visible doors need to be closed and totally solid. No glass or anything similar.
“Room” has to be modeled in blender (you can use whatever renderer you wish, preferably free/open source)
Id like you to have some sort of reference on the image to you, like a URL watermark in the corner or something.
Render images at 800x600 (and keep defualt lense settings please, so no fisheye or anything)

Cant think of any other rules right now.

Once i have enough images to get started (lets say 10 different decent ones) Ill register a domain name (something like or something else if you can think of something better.)

So when you go to the domain you get a random image, you click the image and then you get a different room etc etc etc.

Hope you guys like the idea!

Get blending!

P.S. My art is nowhere good enough so that where i need YOU GUYS! Im an ideas man.

We’re bound to drop on super Wu-man and some of Sago’s bunny making love if this works…

Seriously though, you have to make a better sale than that if you want your project to take off. I doesn’t matter if you are not a great artist right now (or ever) a muck up would be a good idea both as a way of refining your idea and as a proof of concept to get people, even yourself, interested.
Be original: remember that it is to promote Blender.

ehh… well you could just register the domain and make a site similar to CGSphere.Com.

im sure once you have the site, plenty of people will take part… :wink:

Ok. I made a template.…stemplate.blend

ViewDoor is the door the room is viewed from. (leave the camera where it is please)
You can use either Door1 or Door2 as your door in your “room”.

The door has to be no larger or smaller than the door frames provided. But the door can look like you want it to look. Like I said, no glass and completely solid so you cant see through the door.

Ill do a mockup for you guys then. XD

Did I do it right?

Also the owners of this house just got robbed.:o

Looks like you did it right to me. GustavTheMushroom aka Draknoid seems to have lost interest though. He posted this same thread on Indigo. I like the room. The door looks huge because of the small power point.

Looks right to me!

Yeah, the power point does look odd when you think about it…

Sorry I havent been replying.