Need assistance in unwrapping a relatively simple organic model

Hi everyone! This is the first post I’ve made on these forums, and am in need of some assistance. I am relatively capable with blender, but have run into a very annoying issue. I am attempting to unwrap a 3D model of a bone:

However, smart unwrapping usually produces great artifacting (and I really need to minimize seams as this is the focus of the animation, and is viewed from multiple angles). For some reason, lighting doesn’t render accurately on the surface either (though after testing, going in and scaling glitchy surfaces to -1 in the UV editor fixes some lighting issues). Regardless, I’d appreciate all the help I can get. UV unwrapping is by far the #1 thing I suck at and need to improve XD! Thanks! I may provide the blend file as well…<br><br>Also, the model is unfortunately made up of Triangles, (which sucks, I know) but it was made via 3D scan (which sounds iffy but I assure you its a really clean model, no doubles or issues).


Please? Anyone? (ಥ_ಥ)