Need Assistnace!?! Transparent UV maps :(

Hey guys :slight_smile:

Ive been working on my character for my game, and im doing the hair (with bezier). but anyway Ive come across an issue.

As you can see (the larger portion) in edit/object mode, its not transparent. Yet when i go to play, i can see my players teeth and through the hair :frowning:

I have set the player’s uv maps with alpha on, cos it needs it for some parts, but i dont want it effecting the other stuff. making it see through :frowning:


I believe this is caused by the character’s material being alpha-enabled. Turn transparency off in the material to handle the opaque areas. Then, use another alpha-enabled and transparent (if desired) material only for transparent faces.

Check that everything actually has a material/texture.

Ok, I assigned them different materials/textures. I think thats got it - maybe a bit more fiddling

UV-maps are sets of coordinates. They do not have alpha. I guess you mean materials/textures.

Anyway, semi-transparency (Alpha) is very inefficient in rendering. Therefore do what SolarLune suggested and enable Alpha where it is necessary ONLY. In your case the hair.

Never use Alpha on opaque or invisible faces. It will slow down your game unnecessarily without any benefit to the viewer. Better use solid or at clip alpha.

The picture looks like you have a problem with the normals. Please check that they are facing outside.

Yea i meant to the texture. Its all fixed now. I split the hair and eyes off as another object, made new textures, and used them as alphas :wink: