Need background check on Spanish history!

Hey, I am writing a novel and for a brief chapter one of the charatcers is in Northern Spain. Now, I once heard that there is, or perhaps were, a clan that lived in Northern Spain that considered themselves a different race and latter sought independance. Is any of this close to being true? If so, what is the name of the tribe/clan and what area did the inhabit?

Any information would be appreciated on any measure. I am a history buff when it comes to mythology and Ireland, but this one stumps me. I am a google addict and haven’t found much because so far I don’t know where to begin looking seeing as how all of the maps I find are in English.


Perhaps, it’s Basque people. :smiley:

Seconded. Most Basque people consider themselves as coming from Basque before Spain.

Woot, google agrees.