Need Blender Addon Developer

Hello everyone! I am looking for somebody that can help develop a custom script or addon I need for a pipeline I am developing. I am essentially trying to port the controls for a camera rig I made in After Effects effects to function in Blender. It includes procedural movement controls and a few other pieces of functionality that I have grown accustomed to and quite like in my workflow.

I am aware of Ian Huberts Free Camera Shake:

While, I do actually have almost the same functionality in my rig, that is a very small part of how the system functions and I am willing to pay somebody to build me something custom to my specifications. Iā€™m thinking the easiest thing would be for me to show you a screens share of what I built and what I need it to do in Blender.

I am an individual working on a passion project and bettering my workflow as a whole. You can check out my instagram here:

Would like to get started asap. I have some budget set aside for this so maybe it would be best to start with your day rate and we can take it from there.


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Hey all, just letting you know the position is filled until further notice, thanks so much!

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