Need Blender Render Optimized


I am working on a small project that involves a lot of rendering from Blender. It is important for us to optimize the amount of time that it takes for each frame to render, and we are looking to hire someone to help!

The goal would be to work with us to reduce the time that it takes to render each frame to the lowest amount possible.

This is a paid gig, though likely short term.

Please email me to discuss more.

[email protected]

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@LordOdin is the guy your looking for I think

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Awesome thank you! I appreciate you taking the time to reply.

I’ve send you an e-mail! Thanks for the opportunity!

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Oh hey thanks for the mention :smiley:

Id have to agree with you as well, Love to optimize me some renders

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VFX artist here- My main job is to basically crunch down times and keep things still looking good. :slight_smile:

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