Need character and environment art modelers

Willing to discuss payment rates, I’m an indie developer working on finishing a commercial ios game.

I’m looking for someone to model characters and set pieces for my game, I already have some concepts ready and waiting to be modeled.

Most stuff is highly stylized low poly work for mobile devices.

I’m offering a work for hire positions for any artists looking to make a quick extra buck on the side.

I can also pay up front, per model if that’s more your style.

Best way to contact me is [email protected]

My game is all blender based, no maya or max art work please.

Just passing by, I don’t have lots of experience with game asset creating (I usually create high poly stuff) and I don’t consider myself intermediate yet. BUT your link leads nowhere, you forgot a W from the link. Just so you know :slight_smile:

E-mail sent!

E-mail coming!

Guys I am humbled by the amount of quick responses I’ve received in such a small period of time.

This community is wonderful and I encourage you all keep at it, I’ve loved every ones work I’ve seen so far.

I think I have more than my fill of enough possible contractors to talk to and I’d like to thank each and everyone of you for taking your time for responding to me.

Hopefully if my game is able to make some successful splashes in the digital world I’ll be able to come back one day and do this again. Thank youl