Need critiques on my scene here. I feel that something's not quite right but don't know what it is



(Ansaar13) #2

Looks really nice :slight_smile: I’m not sure but are the leaves across the top missing branches?


Maybe I made the branches too small. I’ll fix on that. Thank you.

(Ansaar13) #4

All good, it looks really nice.


I like the concept and models - books, vines, etc. One thing might be changed - the glass reflects environment so heavily, that you can barely notice the table and its contents - you can make one glass more in shadow, reflecting less of the outside.

(Thomas) #6
  • the leaves are quite small, making the window look huge. The books also look oversized but its hard to say.
  • the wood is strangely pristine for having sat long enough for stuff to grow over it (particularly the wood panels at the bottom right look fake).
  • no windowsill?
  • as a composition its a bit weird. If this were a real place, why would you take this photo of it (that is, what do you want to show)?
  • Lastly as @MissB said it’s quite busy, the books and the reflection together makes the image rather muddy.

(catherine) #7

Great job here! I really like the reflection and the objects inside the window. For me I feel the wood is a little plastic looking, maybe take down the glossiness and increase the roughness?

(ericthered) #8

Me personally, If I were taking this picture I would use a polarizing filter for that reflection… once we get some of that busyness gone we can see what you are trying to show us

(C_Campbell) #9

I would say that the leaves and vines are too small. perhaps you can adjust the IOR on the glass to bring down the reflection as said earlier the image is muddy. And wood that has vines growing on it should look a little more weathered.