need critque on Gimp image.

Hi all,

I probably am in the wrong place for this and sorry if I offend for posting this here. But I did this Gimp image and I stuck. I just can’t make this thing pop. I am really considering chucking the whole thing and starting it in blender, where I would have more control over where this is going.
Please tell me your honest opinion.

I decided to take a look over the Blender edge and try other software.



My first recommendation would be learning to draw in perspective (use perspective grids, etc).

:slight_smile: Yeah it’s in the wrong forum. This should be in the traditional section.

As far as the image goes, Well first of all the stance is a bit unattractive. It just stands there, boringly upfront. The second thing is the environment, There’s too much black in this image.

As N30N mentioned, the perspective is wrong, so you’ll really need to learn how to draw it in there. Too me te last thing that would dramatically change this image is the camera viewpoint. If I as much hear a “Mech” being mentioned, I expect it to be huge. The best way to make something look huge is by using the frog perspective. Which will immediately increase drama in the image.

These are just a few pointers, stuff like this really enhances drawings. :slight_smile: Just being aware of those things will give you an edge in drawing straight away.

PS: might want to check out MyPaint if you are going to do drawing/sketches. I prefer it much over GIMP when it comes to drawing.

Thanks for the critism. Yeah this is not very perspective. This sort of mutated from a hand sketch I scanned it and then i Gimp. Right I should have used the rule of thirds and more perspective in the drawing. The reason for the black is I saved this as a PNG without a background and the default for most browsers is then black. I’ll check out mypaint. I’ve been sketching a lot lately, trying to hone my traditional art skills and this one is definatly not one of my best.

I honestly thank you guys for your opinions.