Need feedback and critique for my Rigify Dog rig

Hello. I need review for my rig of greyhound dog. Rig is made with rigify and is intended to be used for making gallop animation.
I have low experience in rig and animation and do not intend to do it frequently, however, I would need this to be good looking project.
I think legs are pretty okay, however I have problem with bending neck. Is it about weight painting, or I should add another bone to head, or rest pose is a bit aggregated?

Are You still keeping the original meta rig from Rigify? Can You post some additional images like the first on top but instead of the rig just give a preview of the original bones positions with mesh in wireframe mode? I mean metarig, side view in wire preview…
Im not a rigger but I found that many problems in rig start with wrong bone placement. Weight paint can’t solve these wrong position problems.
In your images seems to look like the weight paint from the head takes too much evaluation on the neck, also the weight in the neck is somehow uneven (you may paint 100% influence on middle edges and smooth this with some high interations - in weight paint mode, Weights > Smooth), but… my opinion doesn’t count - I’m not a rigger as such

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Thanks for time. Problem was in head bone placement, because this is more like human rig, I moved head bone to the nose, and neck all the way to brain cavity. Now it’s much better

the neck bone is placed correctly as far as I see, the only thing is that the head bone (according to my knowledge about dog anatomy) should be longer and the root (not the tip) should be directly under the area of the ear (rotation point in the image) the horizontal root position seems to be ok…

but… if everything is working fine just leave it as it is… in high speed when body movement is very fast some imperfections won’t be visible and if You want to make only a run cycle You may fix some wrong looking frames by creating corrective blend shapes…


I will try to move a bit to get best result, and with weight paint it should be fine. However, main problem is solved because now it bend pretty properly. Thanks!

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I agree with b2przemo - the pivot point of the head bone is probably not right. I think that an extra neck bone would help too. There’s a wolf metarig you could check for reference.

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Yeah, that was main problem. Thank you also!