Need for Job related forum?

Seems Blender has been getting some amazing appeal for freelance work lately, we should all give ourselves a clap hehe.

I have seen already about 3 and have already completed a client job using blender from a post here at Elysiun (and ofcourse many client jobs with blender otherwise, there are huge possibilities).

Maybe to make it easier for those not usually using Elysiun and having a possible job using Blender, Could there be possibilities for a job forum? or something regarding maybe. This is in Off-Topic since I dont think its worth litering News with yet. Like to hear moderators thoughts, maybe its best to wait for BlenderArtists and setup something for this?

Just a bit of out loud brainstorming =)



This is interesting. I have only been using Blender for about 3-4 months, and I’ve already gotten about $2.50 from him for some jobs. But, what about security? When someone sends the money, how do you know that you’ll get the model/scene? But, this is also what you do when you buy stuff off e-bay or amazon. I honestly don’t think it would work, but not because of security, but because there are already places were you can do that. But, it would be cool to have it.

Yes, I think a job sub-forum would be a good idea. I think it would need to be clear what the intention of the forum would be though. There are a lot of people post threads like “so, anyone wanna help me make a game, I got no money to give you though, I have no concept work or really any idea about anything” and they are quite different from the kind of posts that actual established companies make.

Maybe if there were two sub-forums - one for paid work and one for non-profit. I think the advantage of those forums are that it would give companies who try to hire Blender users more recognition as their posts get lost in other sections quite easily. It may also attract more professional interest in Blender as sites without any way to hire users will likely be seen as just hobbyist sites.

This is actually a very good suggestion Lee.

I have been getting asked for freelance and also paying jobs about 2-3 times a month now through email requests. I have to turn them down due to the fact that I have a so called “real” job that takes up all my time.


Fantastic idea!

I second the motion.

I think it is a great idea LohnC!

My only worry is that it might get littered with spam.

Would have to be heavilly moderated.

If anything, there should be a Seperate page and seprate forum where Artists and Clients can hook up. Maybe a place where SERIOUS blender artists can post their resume. That way clients are not over whelmed with noob and non-serious works and e-mails. This would make it easier for the seriuos artists here to get through. Also every blender community website should put an banner or link on their sites to help promote the new Forum and Pages.

Just my idea’s.

glad there are people who are liking the idea =D

Enriq766: I can understand the thought of spam, but I think if moderated nearly as well as the other forums it should be ok, also I don’t agree between ‘Serious’ and ‘non-serious’ blenderheads being a problem. Somebody with 1 month or 5 years experience in CG/Blender could still be serious, maybe using it loosely with graphic design, web design etc. in which they excel. For those who are hobbiests or proffessionals I dont see it as something that should be split up, and this also depends on whether we make this ‘payed jobs’ only with the thoughts below. Those who post a job here would expect high amount of feedback, its natural, but the client can state exact requirments and those not up to them should not bother the client. Maybe the steps to make sure this is ok can be explained with some ideas that could help to make this work better…

  • Sticky thread with forum rules like others here, just some ideas off top of head: Only job proposals by a client should be posted as a thread (or some very small exceptions).

  • There should be no direct talking about the job ‘in-thread’, putting in resume/portfolio, things like that in the thread can happen through e-mail or PM, people could only reply simply to ask more about the job, not money-related though (with thoughts below this could be stated in origional post as amount or -not showing until later contact- to stop this).

  • Another reason to reply would be to state if the job has been signed up by somebody.

  • Could have some regulations for posting about a job, have an idea for the details which I’ll write up, but now maybe some that come to my head.

. State City and/or Country Client/Employer lives in
. Must state if the person who claims job can do it from their respective house/workplace or on-site.
. If there is one, date in which client/employer needs somebody by - expiry date
. Primary Skill(s) needed -example ‘3D Modelling’
. If so state any secondary skill(s) -example ‘Web Design’
. Description of project stating all the needs (known to that point) and any special requirments.
. Amount to be payed (optional in thread, but could be known via e-mail or PM later in negotiations)

The big question from there is, do we have this only for jobs that will be payed? If so, would there be chance to help non-client projects or collaberative projects that are non-profit alike in the similar regard? Things like the Cross Walk project etc in the future could have a thread in such a forum for those to see and join, but this could be overkill, I’m in no place to suggest this as I have not been keeping up with that side of the community as much as I would like to. Maybe keeping project announcments in News/Chat would be ok.

Love to hear thoughts on this =)

ehh… hrm… Forward them to me please %|

oh duh!

hahah Kothe you bring ideas forth.

Another great possibility for such a forum, those who use blender and are looking for jobs big and/or small is a job can be reflected to the forum from a user who has not the time or skills.

Example story (yay story time)

BgDM was a busy man, work guy, family guy, superhero. His friend’s sister’s boss’ former roomate’s father had need for a 3D graphic for his multibillion dollar company, they would pay a wonderfully generous amount of money for a small 3D graphic. BgDM can’t do it though, he’s off saving the world and can just break safe’s open with his super-strong hands if he needs money. So, he suggests to the client 'There are a lot in my 3D proggy community with skills ot be able to do this and time/energy. Why not post on the little job forum there? you’ll get loads of feedback.

So client posts on elysiun forum, and Kothe can finally pay off fiancés wonderful ring =D

The End

I figure, I have the SQL database available, I also have the bandwith and webspace…

why not get a head start…

Its not much i know. I only had time to set it up. I will add a new look and homepage soon. Unless someone wants to help me admin it…PM me if intrested…

LohnC, PM me with your ideas if you have any not listed here…Or catch me in #blenderchat.

Forum is up and running!

Maybe a friendly reminder to donate if the software is useful

:o The yellow.
My eyes!

lol I know, I was changing the colors so I could know what was what in the phpbb code. Those ARE NOT the final colors. Kinda like color markers so I can know what color goes where. Because by default the colors were all grey. So no worries. I used the expo_dark template, it has pretty good notes on how to modify the colors. Check back later. I am working on it a total of 10 min per night, I am pretty busy.

Sounds like a good idea. I will keep checking back to see how things go. Keep it up.