need good tutorial of lighting

I searched tutorials for the lighting, but I found only description of the light source. I need good lighting on a single object, but still I played with the lamps, spots, sun… but still I can’t find right combination.
Once I saw example where object was in the sphere, some king of light source…

Its not blender specific, nor is it really a tutorial as much as a guide per say, but:


tutorial is good.

I read this one it’s very good guide of lighting.
But I need more specific

I honestly don’t know what you mean here - probably Radiosity? (Take a look at: and at the following page linked at the bottom).

And what do mean with “good Lighting”? What kind of mood should it have?
It’s hard to give you specific tips when you don’t give us specific Informations. To simply illuminate a single Object you could always use a standard 3-point lighting (here’s another one about that: from the famous book by Birn).
But I guess, there’s no exact recipe on how to set up the light sources in your scene - it’s all about experimenting and a little help from tutorials or books.

Download the YafRay blend files.
Check out the release notes.

Thank you very much, I only heard about radiosity, but I did’n try it. But now I think this will be an answer to my question, still I have to do a lot of reading and experimenting.

Basicly that’s what I looking for: simple scheme for lighting. I just thought it will be more difficult :wink:
I started with simple object, but my ideas is killing me. I need something more and more and more…
And my render always just not right, something missing :wink:
And Thanks again

thanks for the link,
I am using yafray