Need Grease Pencil to work in VSE (waveform) and dopesheet to assist in Lip sync

How can I get word to the developers about having grease pencil added to the VSE waveform and Dopesheet to aid in lip sync?

Instead of using Markers, it would be so easy to sketch letters/notes for when the mouth shapes should appear. (there would have to be an option to the GP that doesn’t erase over each frame but only has one instance frame so it retains the ONE drawing no matter which frame you’re on.

This would be invaluable, I’m sure the devs thought of it, I wonder what obsticles they face?
Is there a place to put this so the developers see it?

I just saw this …maybe in TvPaint ??

Thank you!

Try proposing this idea at its the place for any idea about Blender development. But it won’t be implemented into 2.7 series Blender as that has been pretty much EOL now. You would have to wait for 2.8 and I suggest you illustrate your proposal with some images.