need Half-Life2 models import/export

does anyone of a script or utility that will allow importing HL’s mdl models into blender? thanks

It says here half life is called SDM, GameStudio A5 is called MDL. I suspect you can use something (MilkShape) to import the half life model, then export it as OBJ or something. Sorry I havn’t tried so I dont know any more.

import? why?

[I hope you don’t plan on ripping off their work]

hrm, I can’t seem to find the specs of the format easily, I did seem to find an importer to max though:

Still, I know of no such importer.

I was actually thinking of making movies and make millions of dollars off them. no seriously i actually just wanted to know if it was possible with blender to create stuff but thanks anyway.

Sorry if it sounds rude, but why don’t you make your own? Or get a bunch of people that are interested in it working on it? This is what I am doing with the Morrowind importer, and so far I got pretty nice results. And I only started writing python code 2 months ago.

Why don’t you just use the XSI Mod Tool? It’s got an addon that dumps to HL2 format. The animation tools are some of the best, or so I hear. I’m using it to enter the Lock n’ Load challenge myself. Why try and rebuild something that’s already available for free?