need help and support

Hi! I am from holland. can somebody make from my wizard staff a short cartoon men in black animated movie. I just cant make the effects moving animations its my very first object in the style of harry potter.

can i ask to you design people to ask you, could you share some of your animation to me? (about 1- 23 min).

it must be a short hp mib trailer will say your name in the description trailer credits free to use, fake cinema video .
If they would help me if not cause for their own work thanks for your message


im 22

and love blender

these are the 3d item

first the mesh is a mess for a simple shape like that
second ar you asking for someone to make a whole 23min animation with models and you provide only 1 object that is practically unusable?

I think I know exactly what this person is saying. He created a 3d wizard wand. I was able to download and import the file into Blender with out a problem. So the item itself is actually useable in a 3d enviroment. Now, as far as the other part of the request, the client is actually asking for someone to create an entire animation, based on the Men In Black series, from scratch. Then share the animation with him. Now, I don’t know if the client going to take credit for the entire thing or not, but that’s clearly a tall order. Something like that will take time and I mean a lot of time invested.

The thing is that if the client gave more details on what they wanted to do and say, " I have an idea for an animation, but I don’t have a single clue on how to animate it. I’ll give you what the idea is about and provide the script. You just have to create the visuals and we can work together to shape it", that would be reasonable.

Unfortunately, there’s not really much to go on at this point. The client will have to either create the animation themselves, depending on how complicated it’s going to be, or they will have to literately hire someone and pay them to do it.