Need Help Creating/Identifying Iron Texture

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Am following an online blender course and the current project is to design and model your own or an existing wind sculpture, give it materials and animate it as if it were blowing in the wind. After looking around I decided to go for this one:

What I need help with is the texture, at first I thought it was sanded metal, like an anisotropic filtering look, but on closer inspection it just looks like dented/hammered metal. Is there a correct name for the metal it has? Or maybe it can be created through blender textures, any ideas for that approach? Keep in mind I’m still fairly new to blender (but not a total noob!)
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Ok this could be done by mixing a vorroni and an anisotropic shader. I think. I know the type of metal that this is. It’s called galvanized steel. You need to set up the anisotropic shader and set the vorroni texture to affect the different properties of the anisotropic shader. You will have to use nodes to do this unless you want to just find this kind of metal and make a uv texture of it.

After a little googling I have found that the patchwork on galvanized steel is actually zinc crystals called “spangles”. Zinc is added to steel to keep it from rusting. It is an intentional think. They go out of their way to make the steel look like that. By default galvanized steel looks like every other kind of steel as the crystals crystalize so small and uniformly that you can’t see them. They heat and cool the metal in differing ways to create bigger or smaller patches or spangles. Little FYI there.

Cool, thanks for the info! :slight_smile:
Alright, this looks to be on the right track. I’m still pretty new to cycles (and nodes), but how does my setup look?

I think the result looks pretty good, but is there anything you can point out to make it better? One thing I thought of is that it looks a bit darker in color than the steel in the video, but is that just because of the lighting? (it’s just a quick test scene with a spot)

You could mix a little noise into the voronoi texture - it looks a bit too flat.

Also - you could key a low contrast noise texture into the anisotropic shader rougness, anisotropy and rotation slots to give some natural variation. In the video - the anisotropic reflections had some variation within each of the voroni sectors.

Could you maybe elaborate on how to do so? Like I said I’m rather new to cycles so I haven’t ironed out a lot of the skills just yet. :wink: I tried adding a noise texture node but I was unsure how to connect it. I tried a few settings but none of them seemed to improve on the texture.

I also noticed the voronoi texture cells differ quite a lot in color, is this just a trick of the light or is it something I could change with the material settings? As far as I can tell, the color of the metal in the video is quite uniform.

try to add some bumps may be
might look better!

happy cycles

That looks fantastic! Yeah try putting the vorroni to effect mostly the glossy node. It should effect the diffuse too, but if you think about it that type of metal only shows up different when you look at its light reflective properties. Damn you did a great job on that. Yeah a very small amount of bump might add some realism. You might also mix the anisotropic with an image texture of some kind. The flecks in that metal tend to have a grain running one direction that differs on each. No idea how that could be accomplished though. Yours turned out amazingly well though. I’d probably call that good.

may be like this

nodes set up is for the one on the right
you could also change the noise scale and see what it gives

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That looks more like a stainless steel that has been smoothed out with a rotary sander.

always depends on the final look you want
you can always play with the parameters to change the look!

do you have another set up may be !
would be interesting to see other looks

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