Need help developing Blender for Stream Deck devices

Hi! Our company, SideshowFX, develops Icon packs and profiles for the creative content community (who use devices such as Stream Deck and Loupedeck) with products for Davinci Resolve, Photoshop, C4D among many others.

We are currently mid-development on a Stream Deck pack for Blender artists and need help and advice on how the pages and profiles should be laid out (what tools and functions should be grouped and how they should be linked to one another).

We are looking for a mid-level artist who has a well-rounded view of the entire Blender application, preferably with real-world experience in a professional background who can advise and guide us in seeing this product to completion and launch. The ideal candidate would also have their own Stream Deck device and have a working knowledge of the product.

This is a short contract position and compensation will be dependant on the amount of involvement assessed and required and is openly negotiable.

Please respond to this thread or email directly [email protected]

Visit our website and find out more about what we do



This is interesting, I literally just mentioned to sybren at blender institute about having shortcut access to pose libraries so we can use the streamdeck to animate. :slight_smile: also i tried getting the deck to run scripts via a multi action , but found it very difficult to consistently get blender to react to the streamdeck. Glad there are other folks looking at this.

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