(Need help) Domino's are bouncing back..

Just watch this video and hopefully you see the problem.

As you can see my domino are bouncing back. I hope someone can help me because i realy don’t know what to do. All my setting are the same, so… I’m using blender.


Here is the blender file in .RAR:


.RAR: http://www.2shared.com/file/8283975/47f06da3/voorbeeld2.html

Fiddled with the file for a while, but couldn’t quite pinpoint the problem. I’ll let you know if I find anything.

By the way, you can increase the simulation speed tremendously if you use un-subsurfaced objects for any physics simulating. As in, I jumped from 1.5 fps to 60 fps. If you’re planning to make an animation, I would personally subsurface only once the physics simulation has been finalized and baked.

Besides the minor glitches, the setup looks really good. It’ll look nice once it’s done :slight_smile:

Yeah I got that exact same problem for my school project involving dominos. I just moved them around a tiny bit, changed the friction and/or mass for various dominos and instead of bouncing back every time, it would only bounce back some of the time. Anyway, good luck.

When I un-subsurf it’s faster but the problem is the same… So I realy don’t understand why this happens.

It would be so good if you figure this out! I’ve tried almost everything but nothing happens. And when I’ve changed the setting of the one who bounced back there is a other stone what won’t fall…

Sorry for my bad english :o

I won’t download the file right now, but in the video the domino you are selecting has ‘Compound’ as it’s boundary mode… That’s a weird boundary mode. You surely recorded this from the game engine right? So make a video with the physics on in the game engine… Then I’ll be able to see what the object is hitting against, because really, it might just be a vertex.

Btw, to also make it fast change compound to box, because dominoes are just rectangular prisms with stuff to make it look good. If you subsurf it you making it smoother, and all you really need to get a domino reaction is with box. To do this on all of them at once… Select one domino, change the boundary to ‘box’ then select the rest of the dominoes and make sure the one that you changed is selected last, then press, Ctrl + C, a list comes up click ‘All Physical Attributes’.

Making them to box may work, but if not, make sure all the centre points, are IN the centre, if not in the ‘Edit Panel’ click ‘Centre New’ and it’ll centre the centre point in the middle of the object.

If none of that works, then I’ll download the .blend later today and check it out.


I’ve recorded this in game engine and put the speed a little bit up (in the NLA editor).

Thanks for the tip ctr-c I didn’t know there was a potion like that. But what do you mean with " So make a video with the physics on in the game engine… "? And in the Logic menu - Riged body; I have put bounds on and then selected box or convex hull, I also have No sleepy selected. The other settings are just the normal settings.

I’m so glad you help me! :smiley:

hi danny…001,

I can’t tell by your last post if you fixed it or not.

Anyway, in case it isn’t fixed. The collision margins on the domino are set at the default of 0.06. You can find it by selecting the Advanced button to the right of Rigid Body in the Game engine panel – Logic (F4).

Lower the Margin for all of the dominos. I set it to 0.02 and the bouncing stopped.


You fixed my problem! Thank you so much!

I didn’t know the problem was so easy :stuck_out_tongue: