need help downloading older version of blender

Hi. I’m trying to download version 2.36 of blender because I plan to export the things i create into Adobe flash. I have already downloaded sflender 2.6 ( but it doesn’t work with any version above 2.36, so that’s the one I need. I know that this is possible to do because I did it before – unfortunately I lost the program because my hard drive failed. I think the archived versions are located here, - but the page will not load. Has this page been discontinued, moved, or is it just down temporarily?
More questions:
-Does anyone know if sflender exports to a .SWF or a .FLA? the difference is very important.
-I plan to learn Blender from - is this a good source? are here any other sources someone might recommend?

Here’s somewhere you can grab version 2.36. 2.36 downloads
I just typed “download blender 2.36” into google and this page was the second hit. I just started a download from the Australian mirror for the 4.5 MB windows zip-file version. It seemed fine, though I didn’t let the DL finish.

Just had a quick look around, and it seems that sflender exports to swf files, though I can’t really see what difference it makes:confused:

  • I mean you can get swf decompilers (Sothink makes a good one) and you can also get kind souls to compile an fla into a swf. I’d be more than happy to oblige, should that be needed.

I’ve both Flash, both 8 Pro & CS3. I’ve also got Sothink SWF decompiler if it’s any help.


EDIT: meant to say that Yes, blender noob to pro is a good start. Just find and download everything you can… There’s a guy somewehere around called Genome that’s got some really good video tutes on his site. These are well worth checking out. Also, if you want free textures, you can get the blender texture CD for free over at Blender Nation somewhere.

Last time I looked the only free swf decompiler (for Mac) is one that only does it in black and white unless you buy the full version – that’s what I had before my hard drive crashed.
Now that I think about it I think you can just import .swfs directly into flash as a series of keyframes…

heh… the US mirror is broken but the australian one is fine. it’s only 5.6 MB… that’s amazingly small.

thanks a lot for the information and offers to help with the swf stuff. The newgrounds forums (flash) sure aren’t this friendly. :slight_smile: I think I’ll be alright with importing it though. (You can’t import swfs taken from the internet directly into flash because there’s some sort of protection built into them)