NEED HELP! Exporting Collada from Blender gets rid of Texture Images

I’m am in desperate need of help. I am trying out a game engine called Turbulenz and I need my models in the form of Collada (.dae). Unfortunately, every time I have tried to export out of Blender, the texture image files do not get referenced properly in the .dae file. In fact, the <Library_images> part always comes out completely blank. Looking at a correct Collada file with references to image files it should look like this:


56 <library_images>
57 <image id=“file1” name=“file1” depth=“1”>
58 <init_from>file:///textures/duck.png</init_from>
59 </image>
60 </library_images>
61 <library_materials>
62 <material id=“blinn3” name=“blinn3”>
63 <instance_effect url="#blinn3-fx"/>
64 </material>
65 </library_materials>
66 <library_effects>
67 <effect id=“blinn3-fx”>
68 <profile_COMMON>
69 <newparam sid=“file1-surface”>
70 <surface type=“2D”>
71 <init_from>file1</init_from>
72 <format>A8R8G8B8</format>
73 </surface>


But mine is completely blank like this:
<effect id=“Steel-effect”>
<technique sid=“common”>

I don’t know what is going wrong here. I followed all the proper directions to apply textures to my models, using UV wrapping, UV coordinates, etc. I tried using the Collada Exporter and clicking all the “include Materials” and “include UV textures”, but nothing works. It just makes references to the names of the materials, but not the image files themselves.

I’ve tried exporting to OBJ, 3DS, and then converting to .DAE via converters and other software, but it still comes out wrong. Which leads me to suspect that I’m somehow not applying the textures correctly? Or do they need to be baked somehow? (Which I’d like to avoid because I don’t want to bake the shadows/lighting into the model)

I also tried both Blender versions 2.64 and 2.66. Neither work.

If I don’t solve this, I might give up on Blender completely. what’s the use of a great 3D modeling software if I can’t even export what I made?

Please can anyone help me? Any advice would be appreciated!


I’ve tried applying a UV mapped texture to the default cube and exported as a .dae file. Imported that into Maya and the texture shows correctly.

Attach an example blend file (including packed textures) and show the export settings