Need help fixing my rig

So, I want to make this rig more “bendy” and smooth, without harsh edges.

The rig uses vertex groups, but I’m having a little problem.

There’s a little render glitch because it overlaps. Any idea how to fix that?

Wire frame:

Here’s my .blend file

That isn’t a render glitch, it’s a skinning glitch.

Your vertex groups need to overlap in order to make smooth bends. Also you need to line up the bones with your mesh.

I fixed the left arm. As you can see, it bends smoothly with no overlaps, unlike the right arm.

This is the left upper arm fix. Notice the position of the bone is changed. With such a blocky mesh, the bone is best placed with the head at the top of the block and the tail centered in the joint. The vertex group is shown selected, and includes ALL of the joint vertices.

This is the vertex group for the Lower left arm. In order to have smooth bends, ALL the joint vertices are included in BOTH vertex groups.

CCould I get the .blend file? Can’t exactly understand from the pictures, sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

I did what you said and I got this:

Not quite smooth

Sorry, I deleted the blend after I made the screenshots.
However, it appears that you are doing the right things, because the left arm is deforming properly. I suspect the right arm still has some overlap because the bone head is not exactly centered in the middle loop of meshes (don’t eyeball this, use the snap function – Shift+S. First edit the mesh, select the four verts and snap cursor to selection, then switch to edit the armature, select the bone head and snap selection to cursor. )

Never mind, I just realize I bent the right arm too far. Thanks! :slight_smile: