Need help for a project! Harry Potter game

I am a big fan of blender from when it was a commercial program!!! Now that it’s opensource and I can afford it I want to learn how to make games with it!
My idea was to make an Harry Potter game. Not big as the official game, only a try of the power of blender!
If there is anyone interested to help me learning, contributing to this project write here. Or also something that has some ideas (because i haven’t) post here.


First off, 1) Do you know how to use blender or are you knew?
2) Will you give up on this project after a few days? (like i did :slight_smile: )
3) What type of help do you need
4) This thread belongs under the 'Works in progress, game demos ect" category"
I would be willing to possible help out, but i need proof that this will turn out.
If your new to blender, i can try help and/or reccomend tutorials and try help you work through it.
I am fairly new to blender myself and know i wish someone had helped me understand it, so i will try.

  1. I am quiet new to blender but I have the blender gamekit 2.0 because I am trying to learn the game engine :yes:
  2. I am dreaming on this project from the 2005.
  3. All types of help are accepted!!! Ideas are welcome! Tips, tricks and ways on how to do things…
  4. Ok, is there a way to move the thread?
    The thing that I found more difficult in blender is the modelling part so if I find some modellers is good.

to my knowledge fan games dont belong on the forum, and im pretty positive that im rite on that one. sry to burst ur bubble. however fan games usually dont do that well anyways, why not come up with ur own game idea? if not that then why not take ideas from numerous games that u like and collaborate them into one great game! i am currently recruiting for my project. wut is ur blender speciality? we currently need a level designer. if ur interested then please take a look at this:

In a few days, your thread will be closed because this orum dont want to get troubles with copyrights and is now forbidding fan-games, even if it is not that official.
My thread was deleted for this reason. ( a game of Redwall.)

Just dont post for your game here or change slightly your game idea cause you will have trouble.

I hope your game will be a success though, that would be cool, a Harry Potter game made by someone else then EA…

w0onka is right. Due to copyright concerns, games based on other peoples’ works are not allowed here. This sounds draconian, but if the forum were sued by a copyright holder, it would be gone forever, as simple as that. There is no way it could recover from a lawsuit. You may certainly make the game if you like, but you may not post it on the forums (this includes screenshots or other materials).

I am going to have to disagree with everything said here.

  1. Companies send cease and desist orders before they sue.
  2. The server is located in the Netherlands (I think), and they are pretty cool when it comes to copyright laws.
  3. Fan Game = Fan Art = Fan Movie, if you remove Fan Games you also must remove all Fan projects, because they would all face the same consequences legally.

It is better to stand up, then back down, when it comes to something you believe, regardless of the consequences.

news to all the admins out there, these forums are full of fan work, i don’t see active prosecution of it outside of this subforum, why?.

Oh noes! The fangame police are here!

Better hide your horrible blasphemy before you’re erased.

After all, you wouldnt want the big ol evil companies to file a lawsuit against a forum that does not host any of the material in question.

Wow so much hostility, its plain and simple, a moderator said not to post something, so do not post it, simple as that. Even if it really isn’t in question, like planet person said, if a lawsuit were to arise then this forum would be gone. Do we really need to take that chance? All for what? A little fan of something or someone wanted to make there own version of something? It’s pointless to call people “fangame police” when all they are trying to do is enlighten an innocent newby to keep this forum up. No need to get all hostile.

BTW WTF!? Blender was a commercial program at one time!?

(sorry for fueling the off-topic conversation. Just need to voice my opinion :))
I agree with everyone opposing prosecution of fan games. Big companies aren’t going after fan games distributed for free, they’re going after groups that make money off of stealing their work and games that can ruin their reputation. Fan games are generally viewed as free advertising. Unless it becomes really popular, nothing will become of it. Now, if they are using images, models, or anything else that the original companies developed, that would bring forth reasoning to close a thread. So, as long as it’s free, and the author’s original work (although based on something else), it shouldn’t be threatened or killed off.

I also agree that disallowing fan games, but allowing other types of fan art/projects is quite hypocritical.

As for the game, just take your time learning. Don’t commit yourself to a single project just yet. You still have a lot to learn, unless you already have plenty of prior dev experience.

I wish you luck!

Its not as simple as that. Sometimes there are unfair rules that are created during times of fear that need to be addressed, no matter what any authority figure says. I dont just “follow orders” like you and everyone else.

Instead of explaining to you why this would not happen, I’ll just quote what scrag_10 said.

The problem here is that the rules in place now are hypocritical and have double standards for fangames and fanart.

Fangames are often deleted, while fanart is allowed to thrive.

We need to petition the moderators to either treat everyone equally or forget about this stupid rule in the first place.

Hi guys,

Talk to Goofster about it. Plant, OTO and I are just doing our jobs, and it doesn’t help us any when we have to bear the brunt of the venting for a decision which is beyond our authority.

I don’t know about fan art or movies. It’s my job to police the games forum. I won’t be held accountable if the moderators of the other forums are not enforcing the rule. This forum is my beat, and here, that rule is enforced.