Need Help for Rfactor 2 mod to be used commercially. $100 - $1000+ AFTER SUCCESS!!

My name is Charles Silver and I am working on a project for an actual racing series that are willing to invest big time in the ideas granted I give them at least one demo by october. I am working on a mod to be used in part with this project and I originally had help from a friend due to my lack of skill in 3d modelling but he decided he was bored of modeling. I need at least two volunteers that can get at least one or two cars done by october ( body, roll cage, engine, wheels, windows, interior, misc. ) for the demo. If the demo is good then they will invest and then we can move into the build stage and after that I can start to put the project into action. Depending on how much they invest and how soon I can start profiting from the project the pay can range from $100 to $1000+ each. If the volunteers do well they could possibly be hired long term to complete the rest of the cars in their series at a pay rate to be discussed at the appropriate time. If you would like to help please submit a sample piece such as a part from the car in the pics below. If you have any suggestions on pay please post here, but if you have questions regarding the work or me email me at [email protected] .