Need help getting rid of stray lines on a polygon face.

I have some stray line on a polygon face on my model that I can not delete or it will delete the whole face. I made the inner face by selecting all the vertices on the back of the inner circle to the verticies of the rectangle but then those line happened. I used the F hotkey one I selected them. I need to keep the face touching the inner rectangle. Any help would be appreciated.

Here is some pictures.


Show us on your images what you are actually talking about rather than us having to guess. If you mean the two lines on the large front face connecting the centre rectangular cutout to the circular rim, you can’t remove them


Yes Sorry. Those line there that you pointed out. So how would I make a circular face connecting to the outer verticies of the rectangle without any stray lines?

As Richard already tried to explain: You can’t.
Any “hole” in a polygon will need two edges that link the boundaries of the hole to the outer contour of the polygon - that’s a technical limitation of Blender’s mesh system.

Care to explain why those edges bother you?