Need help! Got some problems with collada exporter!

I’m working on a new facerig character. I’m adding in a new character the the program. It uses your real face alongside different animation keys from different imported collada files to work.

My problem is that blender kinda messes up the collada files in a way it didn’t use to.
Whenever i export the character with specefic bones animated, blender will then cause every single bone to have animation keys in every frame i did something. This causes issues in facerig and i dont intend to have every bone having keys in the collada file.

If i like export a file to get the head moving, blender will make it so every bone have keys after the export.

The keys that gets added on the rest of the bones have zero values only so they dont cause anything to move but it does cause conflicts in facerig. I need help to stop this from happening because exporting collada files didn’t cause this issue earlier. By looking at older collada exports they dont have every bone with keys, only the specific ones.

Can someone either help me to find a version of blender which the exporter isn’t broken or what is causing my problem?