Need help how to model the grip on mac 10

hey eny buddy who can tell me how i can model this part i would also like if you know a videon on yt where i can learn using cylinders like this :=)

Don’t worry about cylinders. Model it with cubes, then throw a subdivision surface modifier on it.

Firstly, use better ortho refs!

Where possible, try too model off of either images or accurate line drawings of the real thing.

Secondly, start with a low poly cylinder or segmented circle (6 - 8 verts) extrude as per background image, then bend it using the Spin Tool subd once done.

I’ve found this method fairly straightforward rather than fiddling about with Bezier Curves when generating similar objects…which basically involves quite a bit of less clicking to arrive at an expected result.

my 2¢

thank you :slight_smile: