NEED Help!!! How to render with freestyle and panoramic camera

I know that blenders panoramic camera doesn´t support rendering with freestyle. Would like to know if there is another way to do that. It would be GREAT if anyone knows a solution.

Unfortunately i dont have any other idea.


you must use another way of tracing outlines, here is one :
you can look on their site to find other ones.

I realize the thread is super old, but as I was faced with a similar issue recenty I assume someone might still need this.

I found a relatively decent (I think so at least) workaround.

  • Set up a wide angle (I went with 8mm) but ordinary perspective camera
  • Set up 6 frames with 90° turns of the camera (front, back, left, right, top down)
  • Render the animation (6 frames) with freestyle enabled AND a decent resolution. Depending on the size of your panorama, and there will be some overlaps. 4000px wide might be a good average
  • In a new collection place an equirectangular panoramic camera with a default cube directly over it.
  • with the panoramic camera still selected, project the 6 rendered frames separatly onto the faces of the cube with emission (u>project from view x6)
  • switch to render with the equi camera (remember to adjust resolution) with freestyle disabled.

It is a bit of a hassle, I grant you that, but works pretty ok.