need help importing bone and creating skeleton

I need help on creating an skeleton bone. i am trying to import the bones from a the file and create the armature bones. I do not work how to get it working. any would like to help out?

the file is a BVH, or something else?

BVH? It an import script that I am creating.I need to know how to translate one point into two points(head and the tail) of the bone then parent the bone to apply rotation.

Raw File

bone name / bone position/ bone rotation/ parent
root        x,y,z           0,0,0
bone        x,y,z           0,0,0         root

Then convert to blender armature.

bone name / head position / head position / bone rotation / parent
root        x,y,z           x,y,z           0,0,0
bone        x,y,z           x,y,z           0,0,0           root

I am trying to explain clearly about it.