Need Help Importing Materials/Textures????

I have downloaded a Blend model to add to a scene. Using append, I selected all Objects from the model file. To be safe, I also selected all Materials and all textures, using append.

Some of the materials seem to have disappeared, as I get the dreaded “pink” default color; however, some of the materials seem to have appended. The missing materials DO appear in the preview and properties windows, as well as in the nodes window - just not on some of the objects in the Rendered or Material Mode, nor in a “final render”???

All input sincerely appreciated!!

Pink means missing image texture.

The material will likely be correct - but if you check the nodes, the image texture slot will be red indicating that the node cannot find the image texture in the location specified in the node. If you have the textures - just stick them in a new folder and point the image texture nodes to them.

That was it, moony! As soon as I began changing file paths, the textures began appearing. However, to further help my learning curve, where should I look for “the image texture slot will be red”???

Thanks again for the help - really appreciate it!!

@jmarkt yeah just open up the node editor and select the object you are wanting to check and you will notice the texture node that has the missing texture. Then you can click through the material slots in the outliner for the object if there are more than one to double check that they are all there while looking at the node editor, then do the same for the other objects in your scene. Afterwards you can also select pack all into blend under the file/external data and check pack all into blend.

Thanks for that, FlyingBanana!