Need help in CRM system

What CRM software would you recommend for a small business?

Microsoft Dynamics? ZenDesk? etc…?

thanks for your feedback.

I work for a small company (50 people) and we are currently looking for a new CRM as well. There are so many out there it’s hard to find one that will work for your company. I would suggest looking for one that is used by your industry. Once you have one set up I think it’s easier to move to another one if necessary. We are looking at HubSpot, Lead Forensics, Sales-I, C2CRM, ClaritySoft, and Active Campaign.

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In both cases, start by writing down exactly what you need for the software to do for you. One good way to do it is to first enumerate all of the departments who will be interacting with the software, then make a detailed list of what each one needs to do – and what data and activities are needed in order for them to do it. Although “CRM” is a generic term, your business is not.


We are using this one:
Easy to customize, cheap or priceless if you dont need the addons.
We are using this since 2018, sloves our needs, no problems.

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Hello @Grimm

Thanks for the reply, Even one of my friend also share a same kind of list that you gave.

I think Hubspot will be easy.

Basically @sundialsvc4, I’m looking for CRM system which is very useful as well as easy to use.

Thank you all for the replies, that I got.

Basically while digging in this research I got some site which gives a list of the software.

It’s like software platforms, where I get the list even I can easily compare them with respective price & their reviews also. So I got one that gives me a clear view of all the best CRM software of 2021.

So are those kinda sites are good to select one or not…?

I dont trust such “best selection” sites. I always take a look at a forum for the product. If a forum not exists it goes down on my list. Than i compare the messages in the forum, where are problems, what solutions are there, and crosscheck free forums for the product too. That sort out bad apples.

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But I do think that the sites are a good place to start. When they do comparison, they drill-down to the issues, and that’s important.

Your business” is not “generic.” Depending on exactly what it is, some things will be important, some will be “deal breakers,” and some will not be important to you at all.

I’ve been using for a few years and really like how it’s integrated in gmail. But as said before, you should define your requirements first.

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I totally agree with you @rigoletto, some of the CRM systems have their own forum/ discussion panel. Like “salesforce crm” but they have limited access of some modules of CRM.

I had to switch to Salesforce from another CRM system, but I was very afraid that the data I already had would just disappear. I initially did not know how to arrange it, but only later I found information about salesforce data migration and who can do it without losing any data. So if you are as interested I recommend looking into it, it helped me when I was looking for it.