Need help ith layers pls

i read almost anything about layers
but i need to texture one cube from many ones in my scene
so i guess i need to put it in another layer
so if i have an object how do i assign a layer
i know how to do it in object mode
but when im in object mode
i cant select one cube :s it gives me everything

greetz miggie

No. What’s happened is that you added new cubes while the first (and then all the others) were still in edit mode. So they are now all one object. The right way is to add a cube, hit TAB to go into Object mode, move your 3D-cursor to where you want the 2nd cube to be then add it.
You can seperate your cubes by selecting only 1 vert of i cube, hold your mousecursor over that cube and press L (link) or Ctrl-L and it will select all the verts of the cube (and leave the verts of the other cubes unselected). Now press P (sePerate) and you have a seperate object.

Now, with that cube selected and in Object mode hit M (move) and choose which layer.


thx a lot man
i’ll give it a try

cya later

one more question , if i have … euhmm a cube
and i want the top texture to be different from the side
do i have to use UV ?
thx a lot

That’s one way, or you can use a seperate material with its own texture:


waaw that stuff is dificult :slight_smile:
but what about the Uv mapping
i read a lot of tutorials , but when i have like a cube
i cant unwrap it
or i see nothing , or i see one single line in the uv editor
if you have any time left
could you quik telll me what im doig wrong
thx for your help , really

Try this

You don’t need to send private messages to people asking what you can ask here. And before posting, please search:

To move objects between layers, select your object, press M and select in the dialog showing up to what layer(s) you want to send your object to. You can also use number keys.