Need Help: Looking for "Rough Glass" Effect.

I’m trying to make a transparent shoulder button but have the “roughness” like the shoulder buttons in the picture below (if it’s too small please copy-paste and open the image on another tab)

The shoulder buttons above look like their surfaces are like a slightly rough pavement or road.

This is what I’ve only managed to do:

Shader is just Glass and roughness set to 0.35.

It looks very different as if it’s just a non clear/transparent material.
I don’t know how to make textures :frowning:

I’d appreciate some assistance, please.

Voronoi texture controlled in strength by math>multiply to drive roughness? Then mess with values for Voronoi scale and the multiplier value to get it where you want it.

or a noise texture with the distortion turned up a bit and plugged into the displacement slot
you could also run it through a color ramp to help emphasize the stippling effect

I’m sorry. I’m still a noob with Blender. How do I do that exactly?

I tried going to the “Texture” tab and then clicked “New”. Under “Type”, chose Voroni.

I don’t know what to do next. Sorry to bother :frowning:

Sorry. I should’ve said I’m new with Blender and still get nosebleeds with the terms. I’d appreciate some step by step instruction or something like that. Sorry to bother.


If you’re using Cycles to render, it’s pretty easy with nodes. You just add the right node types, and patch them through to the appropriate sockets with noodles. (I think that’s the technical term for virtual cords.) The order of things in node diagrams flows from left to right.

Blender’s internal renderer has two material modes, and one is node-based like Cycles. The other BI mode is older and somewhat different in how things are added on. (The BI nodes can even be used in parallel with a Cycles node setup for the same model. Non-node BI requires a separate scene to be setup if parallel with Cycles.) Cycles seems to be the easier render engine to use, but BI has it’s uses and benefits too. However I started using Blender fairly recently and am more familiar with Cycles than the older BI rendering system.

So many ways to go about things in Cycles.

Yay, they fixed it! Well done Powers That Be, well done.